Supporting children and young people affected by HIV across the East of England!

So Everyone,
Summer is over and it’s time to head back to school. As the seasons start to change, don’t fret we have a whole new range of activities starting at CAFPH from September!

Starting September 15th we will have weekly drop in activities for all ages. Use our fantastic youth hub facilities… we have ….
Pool Table,
Computer with internet access,
Books and games,
Arts and crafts,
Tuck shop.
room for website
Join us from 4-6pm
, for a chat, a laugh and chance to spend some time with your mates.

Monday’s- CAFPH KIDS CLUB (ages 4-11)
Friday’s- YOUTH HUB (12+)

Our first activity on the 15th is however open to all ages as we want to decorate the youth hub and give it some colour 🙂 (parents also welcome, refreshments provided). Please wear old clothes!! 

Also happening this Autumn:

We are going Orienteering!!
Saturday September 27th 10.30am- 3.30pm
Please meet at the Luton office wearing some old clothes and shoes.
We will be going to Ashridge Wood so be preaped to get muddy and be ready to explore!

AND …..

October 25th 10.30am-28th 6pm
It’s our Annual CAFPH YOUTH residential!!
We are going to Lidington PGL Outdoor Center. There will be activities, social events, and opportunities for training, so come along and challenge yourself to something new!
This event is only open to children aged 6+. Pop into the office today, grab a consent form and info pack 🙂

BL for website


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